2022 Edition

By the will of Antonio De Virgiliis, the Galileo 2000 Prize returns with a new edition, in the name and memory of its Founder. Two fundamental themes of the era we live in will be represented around music, the ideal center of the Prize as well as at its inception: the commitment to environmental sustainability and the European sentiment.

Art, culture and society have always been the cornerstones of the Galileo 2000 Prize, which looks to a new era of humakind and new times after the passage of the pandemic and the many changes that have taken place in the last years.

De Virgiliis

Alfonso De Virgiliis created the Galileo 2000 Prize in 1996, in recognition of eminent figures in the music scene and artists in their process of affirmation.

His love for all forms of artistic and cultural expression, for universal themes such as peace, dialogue between peoples and religions, sustainable economy, Europe, pushed him to broaden the boundaries of the Prize, which has been set as a recognition to the action of those who received it in favor of man and his highest values.

The institutional video 2002-2009 editions